Annette Borkent, RN

Annette Borkent
Annette Borkent

Registered Nurse from Salmon Arm BC, Canada

Annette is a maternity nurse, working at the Shuswap Lake General Hospital in Salmon Arm, BC. since 1988 when she moved here with her family.  She is very passionate about helping women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and the following days.

She lived in a small town in Costa Rica with her husband and three children for 9 months in 1993-94. This was an amazing opportunity to be immersed in another culture. Having learnt Spanish, in 2001 she had the opportunity to volunteer as part of a Canadian medical/surgical team in Guatemala with a NGO called “Poco a Poco”. While there, she met with a group of Traditional Midwives (known there as Comadronas) who asked if she could come back and help them learn skills that would help them save women’s and babies’ lives in childbirth. This was a call she could not resist and she returned the following year with Ruth Brighouse and others to Guatemala to bring the Safe Motherhood Project to many comadronas in rural Guatemala. She loves the people of Guatemala and being involved in bringing knowledge and skills to these wonderful people. She is thrilled to see their faces reflect the joy of learning life-giving skills and the empowerment the education gives them.

Annette loves spending time in nature, hiking, biking, camping, cross- country skiing, kayaking and playing music (flute) with her husband. Time with her grown children and young grandkids is always a joy. She also enjoys making pottery and has filled her house (and with lots of contributions to others!) with her work. She is also involved in a music team and a social justice committee in her church community.