Birte Paschen, RM

Birte Paschen
Birte Paschen

Registered Midwife in Vernon BC, Canada

Born and raised in Germany, Birte has always had a great interest in languages and travelling. In 1996 she spent two months in Guatemala, where the Civil War was just ending. She fell in love with the country and its people.

When Birte became a midwife she had the dream of one day returning to Guatemala to learn from the Traditional Midwives.

She graduated from Midwifery School in Berlin in 2001, worked in two large maternity units until 2004, and then followed her (now) husband and moved to Canada.

Birte has attended home and hospital births in BC since 2007. In 2009 she opened Revelstoke’s first midwifery clinic, as a solo practitioner, and is now living in Vernon, BC, with her family.
Her first trip with the Safe Motherhood Project was in 2015, and her husband and kids are proud of what she is able to do, with their support!

Birte is very thankful to be part of the Safe Motherhood Project. As a midwife who attends births in a hospital and home setting, she can’t even imagine how she would feel attending a home birth with no formal training, no equipment, no back up or support system. Here, in Canada, if there are any concerns, she would transfer into the hospital where she has privileges and a great back up support from doctors and nurses.