Gloria Cutuj

Comadrona from San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala Gloria is our trainer extraordinaire. She was one of our very first students in 2003. At the time, she was working as the Promoter of Health for her hometown of San Martín, which is in … Read More

Cenaida Juarez

Comadrona from San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala Cenaida was instrumental in the beginnings of this project. In 2001, she was  president of a Committee looking at ways to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in remote areas of her municipality, San Lucas … Read More

Amanda Shibley, RN

Registered Nurse from Golden BC, Canada Amanda first decided to go into nursing because she wanted a career that would enable her to travel. She was completely unaware of the world of opportunities that this profession would unlock. She graduated … Read More

Birte Paschen, RM

Registered Midwife from Revelstoke BC, Canada Born and raised in Germany, I have always had a great interest in languages and travelling. After graduating from high school I studied English, Spanish and Latin at the University of Muenster, with a … Read More

Annette Borkent, RN

Registered Nurse from Salmon Arm BC, Canada Annette is a maternity nurse, working at the Shuswap Lake General Hospital in Salmon Arm, BC. since 1988 when she moved here with her family.  She is very passionate about helping women and … Read More

Dr. Ruth Brighouse

Family Practitioner from Salmon Arm BC, Canada A native of Salmon Arm, BC, Dr. Ruth Brighouse has been part of the Thompson Region Family Obstetrics Group team of doctors since 2008. She has been a family doctor for 20 years … Read More

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