Second update from El Rodeo

Hand washing practice.
Hand washing practice.
We spent our 2nd week training another 27 eager students from communities surrounding El Rodeo. Once again, the majority of students were comadronas who have been actively working, and the remainder were equal numbers of aspiring comadronas and volunteer ambulance attendants.

It was remarkable to see the students so intrigued by what they were learning. Their desire to learn was palpable! One of the important aspects of our training is for each student to do a real life interview and examination of a pregnant woman, to use their new knowledge that they have learned by using models and role playing.  One of our comadrona students asked each of her patients to come to our course so that everyone in the course would have the opportunity to do a hands-on interview and exam of a pregnant woman.  This was a huge gift for those who did not have a pregnant friend, sister, cousin or neighbour to join them for the private clinic which we set up as part of our course. During our second week, a pregnant student offered to have everyone watch as Ruth did a live interview and exam on her as an example for the whole class. Awesome participation!

The course was very well received and we had a wonderful graduation ceremony to celebrate all the students completing the 5 day courses. The mayor of El Rodeo supplied a wonderful meal for everyone present. We heard many times how much each student appreciated the course. We have already heard of many other rural communities requesting our course.

See more photos of our time in El Rodeo on our Flickr page.