The Next Generation(s) of Comadronas

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We’ve come to the end of our time in San Pedro Sacatepequez-two successful courses teaching comadronas how to manage obstetrical emergencies. These comadronas have an important role in the care of women giving birth.  Many of the practicing comadronas are in their advanced middle age. Who will succeed them?

This year we had 2 sets of mother/daughter pairs and 2 sets of grandmother/granddaughter pairs in our classes.

We believe this reflects the importance of passing on knowledge and skills to younger generations in a culture that still values home births.  Indigenous women living in rural areas with poor access to hospitals and clinics are the most vulnerable in their pregnancies.  Having a skilled attendant can make the difference between life and death for both mother and baby.  The young women aspiring to become comadronas were thrilled with our course and the skills that they learned.

Class of Week Two
Class of Week Two